Thank you from winner – Shehla!

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To all the I’m a Medic participants, students and organisers,

Thank you!! What an absolute honour to have been chosen as your winner. It was a brilliant event and even more so when I shockingly found out I had won! I think I can speak on behalf of all the professionals who engaged in this project by thanking you, the students, for such thought-provoking and interesting questions! You were really enthusiastic and engaged so well – I had a great time answering your questions. It was often busy but you were really patient (no pun intended!) especially those students who were waiting for me to come back from a crash call.

I really enjoyed the whole 2 week process and am thrilled to be able to put the money to use on my idea. I really hope I am able to come and meet with you at some point and answer more questions!

Being in school is a great time of life (mostly!). We have ambitions, ideas and dreams which don’t always pan out but I really hope you will persevere with whatever you want to do and you will get there in the end!

Have a great summer and thank you again for everyone who voted for me. I’m more thrilled than I can express because I really wasn’t expecting to win when there were such amazing professionals also involved!

Not forgetting the staff at I’m a Medic – thank you for putting this together and also for all your behind-the-scenes hard work!

All the best with whatever you do – Medic or otherwise!

Warmest regards,


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