• Question: Did you have any other career options before choosing medicine i.e. Biomedical Science?

    Asked by Leona Irwin to Chris, Emma, Jonathan, Katharine, Shehla, Simon on 13 Jun 2017.
    • Photo: Emma Rowe

      Emma Rowe answered on 13 Jun 2017:

      I didn’t always want to be a nurse. I actually applied for Performing Arts Universities straight out of A levels as I knew it was something I was good at. It wasn’t until I injured my knee and gave up on performing (saving myself a lot of heartache I am sure) and worked many retail and bar jobs that I really sat down and thought about what I wanted to do. My friend was already a Student Nurse and she saw qualities of a nurse in me, so she convinced me to apply. I was 21 when I went to university and that was the best decision for me, as I had time to mature in those 3 years after finishing school.

    • Photo: Jonathan Harte

      Jonathan Harte answered on 13 Jun 2017:

      No, I went straight for Medicine.
      My first A level grades weren’t actually good enough to get into the Med School. So after taking a moment to calm down I initially thought about converting to Pharmacy (and was offered a place). Luckily my parents talked me through it and knew I still wanted to be a doctor. So I got a place at 6th form college and resat my A-Levels, this time getting the grades to go.

      So if its what you really want to do, there’s always a way

    • Photo: Katharine Bradbury

      Katharine Bradbury answered on 13 Jun 2017:

      Apart from wanting to be a ballerina when I was four (!) I’ve always wanted to be a doctor.

    • Photo: Christopher Symonds

      Christopher Symonds answered on 14 Jun 2017:

      Not really one for me to answer as I am not a clinician