• Question: What do you find the most interesting part of your job and why?

    Asked by Naomi to Chris, Emma, Jonathan, Katharine, Shehla, Simon on 13 Jun 2017. This question was also asked by Dimitar, Cass.
    • Photo: Emma Rowe

      Emma Rowe answered on 13 Jun 2017:

      Most of my job is interesting, but woundcare is definitely, for me, the most interesting part. It’s the part of my job that requires me to problem solve and think logically. I have always found that if you enjoy a certain part of your work, then you tend to develop an interest in it.

    • Photo: Jonathan Harte

      Jonathan Harte answered on 13 Jun 2017:

      For me the most interesting part is dealing with patients with Diabetes/ Heart conditions as I particularly enjoy managing these conditions. These are longterm conditions so you spend time working with the patient to manage them.

      That can be really rewarding when their health improves.

    • Photo: Katharine Bradbury

      Katharine Bradbury answered on 13 Jun 2017:

      For me the most interesting part of being a GP is the chance to follow patients up and get to know them and their families over a long period of time. It’s a privilege to examine new born babies, support patients through a cancer diagnosis, help them choose the best method of contraception, visit them at home and care for them during a terminal illness. And sometimes I do all of these things in the same day.

    • Photo: Christopher Symonds

      Christopher Symonds answered on 14 Jun 2017:

      The most interesting part of my job is its diversity. One minute I can be running the payroll, the next dealing with a patient’s complaint and the next carrying out a H&S Audit. Although I plan each day at work in advance, it rarely goes to plan as staff issues, patient involvement and external requests for information etc can occur at any time.